dec 20th 2020 - A monographic recital with some of the most representative works by Schubert, including both original compositions for piano duet and arrangements of chamber music and Lieder, genre so much

loved by the composer himself and of great significance in his opera.

The recital turns into a tale that leads us to places of spirit, to be carried away by tenderness, joy, silence and Sensucht. The

singable and graceful melodies of the short pieces and the intense phrasing of the more complex works accompany the listener along this unusual musical path, like a wanderer through the land of

his soul

The recording project is the result of the collaboration with the piano maufacturer Luigi Borgato who gave the chance to play his las creation BORGATO GRAND PRIX 333

"Musica" magazine - review

April 2021

RADIO TELEVISIONE SVIZZERA - guest on "arabesque"

February - April 2021

about recording

The recital

F. Schubert

  • Auf dem Wasser zu singen D774
  • Der Tod un das Mädchen D810
  • An den Mond D193
  • Sonatina D968
  • Abschied D957
  • Erlkönig D328
  • Variazions on an original theme D813 op. 35
  • Fantasie in F min. D 940 op. 103
  • Du bist die Ruh D776

About recording

Recording was made on 22-23 dec 2019 at Villa San fermo (Vc-Italy)

CD will be published by La Bottega DiscanticaMilan, Italy

Borgato Grand Prix 333

GRAND PRIX 333 is the greatest and the longest concert grandpiano in the world: about 1,64ft longer than the traditional others concert grand pianos.

It is completely handmade, using precious woods such as rosewood for the inside covering, mable for the bridges, beech as headrest for the mechanic, hornbean for the levers and the ebony for the black keys and, last but not least, the "magic" spruce - personally selected by Luigi Borgato from the famous Spruce Wood in Passau, Germany - which is especially in charge for the extraordinary speed of the sound, 9.842 ft/second instead of the usually 4.921 ft/second of all the others spruce wood.

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20 dec 2020 - Milan